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Dirty water, poor health: MEPs can help change this

Photo: WaterAid / Guilhem Alandry

7 April marked World Health Day with a focus this year on Universal Health Coverage (UHC), one of the key targets of the Agenda 2030. A concept that may seem technical or abstract, but that has a very tangible meaning for low-income households. It is about ensuring that parents of sick kids do not need to fear not being able to find or afford quality healthcare.

Bremen: Civil society discuss Europe’s role in implementing SGD 6

Blog post written by Libby Smith, Advocacy Officer at WaterAid on 10 March 2016, following the recent civil society gathering entitled European “SDG 6 NGO/CSO Meeting”, in Germany.

This month, civil society actors from across Europe met in Bremen, Germany to discuss how we can better work together to help tackle the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) crisis and the crucial role that Europe must play as one of the world's leading development actors.