Indian Institute of Youth & Development (IIYD)

Berhampur 65,Pawani Complex,Lane: L-4, Jagamohan Nagar,Khandagiri Bhubaneswar Odisha 751030 India

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF YOUTH AND DEVELOPMENT (IIYD) is a registered voluntary organization established in 1978 in Odisha with the objective of promoting youth/youth groups to think for themselves and for the community to which they belong. Its focus is on community development, focusing especially on the downtrodden who are otherwise deprived of getting the opportunities and joining the mainstream of development. It gives stress on Rural Development, Health ,Agriculture, Water and Sanitation, Science Communication/popularization .To achieve the goal it has been implementing grass root level activities , organizing capacity building programmes for young people and brought about a series of publication on development including local language.
It gives focus on Advocacy on WASH, Climate Change & works with youth from organized sector and unorganized sector.
It believes that young people are the change makers and one wants build the future the young people need to be organized, educated and sensitized for national building and international understanding .
Further it believes in net work building and has a net work of Youth NGOs of Odisia /India as well as a member of National /International networks like :FANSA/EWP/SWA/IPB/WWF/ VYK/ HR2W/OWSD/WET//BPIN/GWA