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Join the call for a global-level hygiene indicator in the Sustainable Development Goals: Sign-on letter for signatures!

The issue: The Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals are the successors to the Millennium Development Goals; a draft was published, and the details of the SDGs are being negotiated now. Hygiene is essential for achieving global development, and is therefore included as a target as part of Goal 6. Countries will commit to demonstrating progress on achieving the targets by reporting on indicators. However, in the recent list of global-level indicators being considered by the UN Statistical Commission, hygiene has been deleted. This is likely because the decision makers want a shorter list of indicators. However, demoting hygiene to a huge, secondary list of ‘optional’ indicators will not give hygiene the priority needed for the SDGs to have real impact on both hygiene and the areas that it influences—such as health, education, and equity.

Objective: The JMP Communications and Advocacy Group is coordinating delivery of a persuasive message about the importance of hygiene to encourage decision makers and stakeholders to act and recommend the reinstatement of a hygiene indicator in the list of global-level indicators for the SDGs.

Audience: This letter will be sent to members of the UN Statistical Commission and others who may have the opportunity to influence discussions and decisions around the SDG Indicators process.

Action by YOU: If your organization agrees with the content of the letter, and is able to sign on, please e-mail Hanna Woodburn ([email protected]) with the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing to:

(1) Advise us that your organization would like to sign on to this letter, and (2) Attach your logo for us to insert underneath the text to represent your organization’s signature to this sign-on letter. The letter will be sent soon thereafter to have maximum impact on the indicator decision-making process.

Deadline for signature: 12th July 2015. Be part of the global call for change.

We hope that you will sign on to the letter to make our voice heard and make a true impact. If the SDGs fail to put priority on hygiene, we will simply be repeating the problems of the MDGs and failing to make a truly positive imapct on our future.

Download the WASH CAG SDG Hygiene Sign-on letter – draft for signing June here.