Key contacts

CSO Representatives on the SWA Steering Committee

SWA’s partners are divided into five constituencies to ensure a balanced representation of different WASH sector stakeholders: Countries, External Support Agencies, CSOs Private Sector, and Research and Learning.

SWA is guided by a Steering Committee that is made up of representatives from each of the five constituencies. The Steering Committee provides strategic direction for the Partnership, and is led by a Chair and an Executive Chair.

Civil Society is a key group within the Partnership and has four regional representatives who sit on the SWA Steering Committee. They consult with civil society organisations across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe, Australasia and North America through national civil society focal points in each country. Through this, the voices and recommendations of communities are heard by the SWA Partnership and help to influence its activities and direction.

"Northern" countries (North America & Europe) CSO Representative

Thilo photo



Thilo Panzerbieter -

Thilo is the founder and executive director of the German Toilet Organization (NGO) and is experienced in political lobbying and presenting the collective ideas of networks in a high-level environment. He has also been a steering committee member of End Water Poverty since 2011.



Africa CSO Representative

Samson photo



Samson Shivaji -

Samson Shivaji is a board member of the African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW).   He is also the CEO of the Kenya Water and Sanitation NGO Network (KEWASNET).  He therefore combines both national and regional level experience in representing Civil Society's voice in various WASH forums.



Asia CSO Representative

Lajana photo



Lajana Manandhar

Lajana Manandhar is the National Convenor of Freshwater Action Network South Asia (FANSA) in Nepal. She is also the Executive Director of the Lumanti NGO which aims to alleviate urban poverty in Nepal. She has been very involved in Sanitation and Water for All for many years, including attending the 2014 High Level Meeting.



Latin America CSO Representative

Jorge photo



Jorge Mora Portuguez -

Jorge is the Regional Coordinator of the Freshwater Action Network in Central America (FANCA), one of the biggest networks on water issues in Latin America, with more than 270 direct members. Jorge is also the Executive Director of the ARCA NGO in Costa Rica.



CSO national-level focal points

In order for the CSO representatives above to effectively consult and get inputs on key SWA documents and processes, the CSO constituency also has national level CSO country Focal Points.  For a full list of focal points click here. And find out more about what your national focal point does here. To get prepared for the HLM read the preparation guide to the 2017 for the CSO national points.

Global Civil Society Advisor

Heloise Chicou is the SWA Civil Society Advisor. Her role is to support civil society to engage with the SWA partnership at all levels - nationally, regionally and globally. Please do contact Heloise Chicou if you would like any support at all in becoming further engaged with the Sanitation and Water for All partnership.