MacDonald K Munyoro

The scale of Zimbabwe's water crisis

On 28 July National Association of Youth Organizations (NAYO) joined activists and civil society around the world to commemorate ten years since the United Nations recognised water and sanitation as human rights. Through #ClaimYourWaterRights, a campaign aimed at mobilising people to demand their human rights to safe water and sanitation, this was a day to amplify calls for governments to urgently finance, deliver and regulate services. The global pandemic has worsened the plight of many people who have no access to water and are at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

Zimbabwean youth organisations defend their right to water

To commemorate International Human Rights Day, NAYO Zimbabwe, in partnership with youth and civil society organisations, launched a campaign on the Right to Water that will see youth defending people’s rights to water. #ClaimYourWaterRights is a mass mobilisation campaign that aims to awaken people to the injustice of their situation and spur them to claim their human rights to safe water and sanitation.