A big Agenda in the Big Apple!

The Global Goals at the UN High Level Political Forum

Blog post written by Jayde Bradley, Advocacy Coordinator at WaterAid on 10 August 2016.

When policy makers gathered recently at the UN in New York, WaterAid was there to highlight the importance of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in achieving Agenda 2030. Advocacy Coordinator Jayde Bradley reflects on what was learned.

World Bank launches new report on cost of achieving Goal 6

"More Money and Better Service Delivery: A Winning Combination for Achieving Drinking Water and Sanitation Targets"

WASHINGTON, February 12, 2015 — In addition to money, strong institutions, accountability and mechanisms that turn investment into effective services for people who need it, are critical to achieving universal water access and safe human waste management, according to a report by the World Bank’s 

Why we’ve put Liberia’s government on the spot over WASH


By Prince Kreplah

Beyond the uplifting coming together that is World Water Day 2015, here at Liberia CSOs WASH Network we wanted to try and create a lasting legacy. As such, we have called on Liberia’s government to get serious about water and sanitation; giving them 90 days to set up a WASH Commission in the country, or else face legal and other actions.