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Membership benefits

End Water Poverty specialises in supporting civil society to advance accountability, social justice and human rights.

  • We amplify the voices and demands of civil society and communities.
  • We connect human rights advocates working in different parts of the world.
  • We facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise to sharpen strategies and strengthen solidarity.
  • We mobilise members to advocate locally, nationally, regionally and globally for the rights to water, sanitation and a healthy environment to be legally recognised and practically implemented.
  • We provide mini-grants to members to support diverse community-led action through the Claim Your Water Rights campaign.

Membership criteria

Are you a civil society organisation with experience or interest in supporting people to claim their rights to water and sanitation? Please carefully read our membership criteria before applying. To be considered for End Water Poverty membership, you must:

  • Be a non-profit civil society organisation. This discounts individuals, private service providers, political parties or government bodies.
  • Demonstrate experience or interest in advancing human rights and social justice.
  • Promote the human rights principles including non-discrimination and equality, information, participation and accountability. Evidence of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion will result in expulsion from the coalition.

We do not require membership fees from civil society who work primarily at local, national or regional level. However, we require INGOs to pay an annual membership fee of £10,000 to support grassroots advocacy.

Expectations of members

Once approved, all members are expected to:

  • Support our core campaigns.
  • Actively engage and participate in the coalition, for example by reading newsletters, responding to requests, amplifying other members’ work, supporting collective calls, exercising voting rights, joining our biennial general assembly, and sharing information, ideas, tactics and tools.
  • Respect the Secretariat’s decision-making process as guided by End Water Poverty’s Steering Committee.

Membership form

To apply to join End Water Poverty, please complete our membership form.