End Water Poverty

Campaigning for governments to respect, protect and fulfil the human rights to safe water and sanitation.

About us

End Water Poverty specialises in supporting civil society to advance accountability, social justice and human rights:

  • We amplify the voices and demands of civil society and communities.
  • We connect water rights advocates working in different parts of the world.
  • We facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise to sharpen strategies and strengthen solidarity.
  • We mobilise members to advocate locally, nationally, regionally and globally for the rights to water, sanitation and a healthy environment to be legally recognised and practically implemented.
  • We affirm that water and sanitation are public services.
  • We provide grants to members to support diverse context-specific action through the Claim Your Water Rights campaign.

Our members

End Water Poverty is a global civil society coalition campaigning for governments to respect, protect and fulfil people’s human rights to safe water and sanitation. We are comprised of over 150 organisations in 90 countries across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. Though our membership primarily consists of community-based organisations and grassroots civil society, we also welcome trade unions, national/regional networks and international non-government organisations (INGOs).

End Water Poverty is coordinated by a two-person Secretariat that is managed by an elected Steering Committee representing the coalition’s different constituencies.

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