SWA Northern CSO constituency representative elections now open

by | Oct 15, 2015 | News

Attention all EWP Northern CSO constituency members!
We are happy to announce that three people have applied for the position of the Northern CSO constituency representative on the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership’s Steering Committee. The representatives standing for election are:

Uzo Klein Leugemors: Stichting Rural Women Foundation, the Netherlands

Thilo Panzerbieter: German Toilet Organisation, Germany

Dennis Warner: Millennium Water Alliance, United States of America

Please click on the links below their names for full CVs and letters of motivation for standing for elections.
Online elections are now open for you to select your representative from the three candidates. All EWP members from Europe, North America and Australasia are entitled to cast a vote. This is your opportunity to make your voice count, so please do take the time – all of 5 minutes maximum!
Click here to cast your vote.
The individual chosen will be responsible for consulting with you and representing your voice on the SWA Steering Committee for the next one or two years. The terms of reference for this role are attached for further information.
Voting is open until 21 October 2015. Results will be announced on 22 October via email, on this website and our social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to vote!